Is the GoPro Fetch Dog Harness Worth the Purchase?

Dogs are full of adventures, especially outdoor dogs that love to romp and play and go on adventures with you. Any active dog that leads a full life, will be able to document his adventures with the GoPro Fetch Harness. You will be able to follow your dog’s travel and play and see what he gets to see from his level. It is what many dog owners have always wanted to be able to do, and now it is possible. But is this new device really worth the hype and thee money that you would spend to get that puppy-eye view? Let’s take a look at the device and find out more.

How do you mount it?

You put the harness on your dog and make sure it is comfortable; not too loose or not too tight. Your dog may take a few minutes to adjust to having a harness on, especially if he’s never worn one. Once you think he’s comfortable with the harness, you can mount the camera in two different positions – back or chest. Again, your dog may notice that there is something on him and like some dogs, try to shake it off, wrench his neck and see it, but once he realizes it’s there to stay, he should be accepting of it.

Start the video

Your dog can go off on his little adventure, run, play, swim or whatever, and the camera will video all of his actions. From what others who have used the device have said, the video quality is pretty good when the dog is in a still position or moving in slight movements, like walking at a normal pace, sitting, or standing. However, if he begins to really get going, running hard, playing rough or chasing a squirrel, the quality gets a bit shaky and may make the viewer a little annoyed or even queasy, watching it. It was recommended that you put the camera on the dog’s back for the better of the two positions. The chest can take even harder beatings and jiggling, like while running, his leg may hit the camera.

Another view of the dog’s adventures would be to strap the camera on the dog’s back, but facing backward so that you see what’s going on behind the dog as he gets busy enjoying life. You may have to adjust certain things, time-to-time, like the tilt angle, if he does a lot of running.

What comes with this device?

When you purchase the GoPro Fetch Harness, you get two padded mounting plates that are used with the three stretchy, adjustable straps that will hold the GoPro camera onto his back or chest. The harness fits a variety of sized dogs, from those who are 15 pounds, on up to 120 pounds. It’s also washable, so if your dog is really active and gets it dirty, no problem. Oh yea, it’s also water-friendly, so let your dog splash in a puddle or jump in a pool. That’s just more fun for you to see his view under the water, anyways. It’s really quick and easy to attach the harness straps and it comes with a tether loop which gives assurance that the camera is on securely and won’t bounce off, even if it takes a little knock during your dog’s activity.

Final words

Overall, dog owners who have this new device, say that it is worth the money. It is worth being able to see what their dog sees and enjoy their adventure right along with them. Die-hard dog lovers, especially those who really get out and enjoy their dog, and let their dog enjoy fun adventures, really enjoy getting a dog’s-eye view of what life looks like from their level. It can make fun videos, and actually bring you a little closer to your dog knowing more about his little life and what he sees on a daily basis. So grab one and get out there and start videoing your adventures with your dog.

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