How to Get Your New Puppy to Stop Crying

Many people bring new puppy members to the family but what they do not account for is the fact that all may not be rosy. There isn’t much difference between human babies and puppies: they both know of a single way to communicate their grievances,and that’s through crying and whining. And if you know babies well enough, you know that they have no qualms keeping up the act till you take action. Puppies are also pretty good at keeping up the crying act, all night long if possible. But let’s say you have metthe puppy’s needs; he has a cute little crate to sleep in, you feed him well and yet he still cries with little intention of stopping.

According to petMd, puppies feel the alienation from their mothers and siblings,and they are aware that they are on their own, this makes them lonely. There is no sense of security in new and strange places; the crying indicates that they are not well adjusted to their environment yet. If you are new to puppies, you might want to find out puppy needs here.

Some of the reasons puppies cry

It is essential to understand the underlying cause of the crying in puppies; they can’t speak to you, so it might mean more than what you think.


You have isolated your new puppy from the family it knew,and it does not yet know how to cope with that; this is very common,and it’s bound to happen for a few days after the puppy home.


You may notice that your puppy is hiding by cowering in the shadows and whimpering, this could be due to adjustment problems and feeling of unfamiliarity with things around him. He is meeting new people and seeing new things he was not used to in his previous home,and as a natural instinct for security purposes, he feels fearful and hides.


Sometimes a puppy may cry because it is either hungry or thirsty, especially if it’s past meal time or sometime before meals, this is because their system does not yet recognize the change in meal periods.


If your puppy cries and whimpers a lot, especially if you notice other signs like sleeping around, fast breathing, lack of appetite and so on, this is a sure sign that he’s ailing. The best course of action is to get him to a vet. Go here for more information about puppies, and the actions to take when you notice certain behaviors.


One other reason your puppy is crying nonstop is that he’s bored and is seeking attention. Just like babies, puppies do not like to be left alone, especially if there is nothing around they can play with.

What to do to stop puppy from crying

If your puppy is whiningnormally because of all the above reasons other he’s sick, there are remedies to that so that both of you can sleep in peace.

Exhaust him out

It might seem like a good idea to let your puppy sleep away the day, but this could backfire on you at night when he is not that keen on sleeping and is feeling nostalgic. It is best to get him to play his head off until he is worn out. You can accomplish this by giving him toys or introducing him to new tasks like hanging fascinating stuff near him yet a little out of his reach. When you keep him busy some few hours before your bedtime, he will be too exhausted to bother with crying. In fact, this method helps him adjust to his new environment quicker. If you are looking for ideas to help speed up your puppy’s adjusting process, you might want to check this out.

Place him near you

Your puppy is no longer with his family; he needs to feel the attachment to you. He needs to know that he now has new family just a few paces from him. If you are training him to use a crate, then place the crate in your room somewhere at the corner so that he goes to sleep knowing that you are there too. However, it is not recommended to let puppy into your bed for health reasons. He does not need to cuddle in your sheets to know that you are around and feel safe, remember animals possess acute senses and just your presence in the room is enough.

Limit food and water before bed

Puppies will start whining when they want to relieve themselves. Giving him night treats or late dinner will certainly not help,and you will end up making night trips to let him out. It’s important that he stops eating and drinking an hour or more before bedtime to limit the amount of time he feels like relieving himself during the night.

Chew toys

You can make your puppy stop wailing at night by introducing him to chew toys made especially for dogs, like the one you can put a snack in so that he gets busy trying to get to it. Teaching a puppy to play with his toys makes him learn to comfort himself so that he doesn’t need you around all the time.

Teach your puppy clockwork

It’s important to introduce routine to your puppy so that he knows the time for everything. If it’s time to eat, or take a walk, then stick to that. Bedtime is also part of the deal, which means that no other activities are allowed during bedtime especially trying to play with Papa or Mama. If you are taking him out to relieve himself during the night, then if possible do not switch on the lights or talk to him for that matter. Do everything in silence to let him know that night times are for sleeping.

Even though the sleeping pattern of animals is different to ours like they tend to sleep more during the day and little at night—vice versa for us—it’s good to teach your puppy to respect night time. If you want to learn more about sleeping patterns in pets, don’t forget to visit the link.

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