These Schnauzer Haircuts Will Have Your Pooch Looking Great This Summer!

Hair cut

This beautiful breed of dog originated from Germany.  Schnauzers come in three sizes; standard, miniature and giant but all of them can use the same haircut.  Schnauzer are famous for having natural wiry hair, thick and double-layered coat, large beard and bushy eyebrows.  When it comes to daily grooming, did you know that the time you will spend doing it depends on the hairstyle of your pup?  So, let’s learn more about the different Schnauzer hairstyle.

Au Naturel

For this hairstyle, you just let your Schnauzer pup’s natural coat to do its job and let it be in its natural state.  Your pup will have its natural double-layered coat that will give him that hairy and rugged look, which is preferred by a lot of people.  This hairstyle will require daily combing and brushing of the dog’s coat and will prevent it from getting matted.


Since Schnauzers coats don’t shed much naturally, hand-stripping is done in order to remove the pup’s dead hair and help stop it from getting matted.  Hand-stripping will shorten and thin the coat and make your pup look neat.  This process is done using a comb, blade and hands.  According to the American Kennel Club, hand-stripping should be done twice a year.  It is recommended that you take your pooch to an experienced professional groomer for hand-stripping.

Traditional Schnauzer Cut

For this hairstyle, your pup’s hair is going to be clipped short except for his eyebrows and beard which are going to be trimmed a little in order to attain the shape you want.  Hair needs to be rounded at the paws and hair on the legs needs to be longer than on the pup’s body.  This style is very time consuming and expensive to maintain as well.  If you are planning to put your put in the show ring, make sure that he/she has the traditional haircut.

Short Hairstyles

Puppy Cut is one of the popular short hairstyles.  For this hairdo, the pup’s coat is cut to about an inch long all over.  This cut is easy to maintain but still give your pup that hairy and cute appearance.

Summer Clip is another short hairdo for Schnauzers.  The coat of the pup is trimmed to ½ inch short.  You can choose to leave the head in its natural state or have it trimmed and shaped, but make sure to retain the dog’s whiskers.  This style will definitely reduce the amount of time you spend daily grooming your pup.

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