Tips For Keeping Your Puppy Safe From Ticks And Fleas

As you already know, being a pet parent can be a whole lot of work. Once you’ve decided to bring a pet into your home, you’ll be required to take on many new responsibilities. The pet’s care will be your responsibility and yours alone. This means that you’ll need to care for their health and ensure they remain in good condition. Ticks and fleas can be very problematic for puppies and dogs of all ages. Thankfully, there are ways to keep your canine friend free of ticks and fleas. Below, you will find tips for keeping your dog free of these terrible pests.

Learn About The Symptoms

First and foremost, you should familiarize yourself with the symptoms of a flea infestation. When dogs start dealing with ticks and fleas, they’ll begin behaving awkwardly. It is in your best interest to become familiar with these symptoms, so you can diagnose problems immediately. A flea bite will make your dog feel itchy, so they’ll begin to scratch. They can also develop red bumps as a reaction to the bites. Be knowledgeable and know how your dog will behave to ticks and fleas. This will allow you to stop problems before they can spiral out of control.

Clean Up The Yard

Ticks and fleas tend to thrive in certain environments. Fleas absolutely love bushy areas and lots of leaves. If you allow your backyard to become very woody and overrun with debris, there is more of a chance that you’ll experience flea problems. With that being said, you should keep your yard well maintained. Be sure to cut the grass and trim the bushes. Make your yard uninviting for the bugs and they’ll stay away. You can also spray the yard to get rid of the fleas.

Using Medication

It is also a good idea to provide your dog with the proper medications. Frontline Plus is one of the most popular ticks and flea killing medications on the market. This product can kill all ticks and fleas on your puppy within a matter of hours and the results can stick around for a month or longer. The medication is available in 6 and 12-month packs. The packages also vary depending on the dog’s weight. Just find out where to buy Frontline Plus and get your hands on the medication today. You and your puppy will be glad that you did in the near future.

Wash Regularly

Finally, you should make sure that your dog is groomed on a regular basis. If you do not properly groom your pet, you’re going to run into serious problems. Your dog will become more prone to ticks and fleas. Plus, you’ll have a difficult time trying to diagnose the problem. It is always in your best interest to spot and treat ticks right away. Make sure that you wash your pet, so you can spot the fleas and ticks that might be hiding underneath their fur. A good bath every three or four days is recommended, but once a week is also good.

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