The Top Five Selling Dog Pillows on the Market Today

Your dog deserves the very best. He’s a family member, and you take care of your family members to the best of your ability. You always make sure your family has comfortable beds to sleep in, and your dog wants a comfortable place to rest his weary bones, too. Dog beds have come a long way from what they used to be. With new, innovative technology, new materials, like the popular tempur-pedic, has become one of the biggest sellers when it comes to human mattresses. Over the years, tempur-pedic has also become a popular type of bedding used in dog pillows, too. Of course, there are a lot of types of pillows for dogs, and you can find them in a wide range of sizes, shapes and levels of padding. If you have been shopping for a new dog pillow for your furry friend and trying to find the best one for your dog, we have a list of the top five selling dog pillows on the market .

5. PetFusion Serenity Dog Bed – $54.95

Your dog deserves to have a restful nap, nighttime sleep, and just comfortable spot that is all his own where he can rest and chew on a bone, or lounge and watch the happenings going on in the home. Here’s one spot he can get it all, in the PetFusion Serenity dog bed. It’s one of the top selling due to comfort and support it gives your dog. This is a bed that is designed to give our dog support in all the important areas of his body so that he has an increase in mobility and energy levels. His overall health will be improved when he starts sleeping on the super soft and durable pillow made of suede microfiber. Easy to assemble, easy to clean and it can hold a dog up to 100 pounds.

4. PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge in Premium Edition with Solid Memory Foam – $117.53

Does your dog suffer from joint and other mobility issues? Your dog may need a better supportive pillow to lay on and sleep on. The PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed has a Memorry Foam base and gives your dog support with recycle green polyfill support bolsters that have been generously filled. The bed is also fashionable and will look good with any home décor. If you need to wash the cover, that’s easy. Simply unzip the cover and throw it in the washing machine. This is a great pillow for large dogs who suffer from arthritis, so take a look at this pillow and see if you think your dog wouldn’t love it.

3. Floppy Dawg Large Dog Bed With Bolsters – $59.95

Memory foam isn’t just for human mattresses; it’s for dog pillows and beds, too. Here’s one by Floppy Dawg, and it’s just $59.95. The Sherpa and Suede cover is classy, elegant, and it’s soft yet durable and supportive. Dogs that want a comfortable spot to laydown often try to get on your couch or bed. But when they have the FloppyDawg dog pillow, they’ll want to go to their own bed. It’s great for your dog to snuggle in; it’s waterproof, and full of dense, fluffy material to feel super comfortable.

2. Harmony Grey Patched Pillowtop Lounger Orthopedic Dog Bed – $42.99

The Harmony Grey Patched Pillowtop Lounger Orthopedic dog bed caters to dogs who need orthopedic support for joint problems, like arthritis. It is foam-filled – the bottom layer is designed with an orthopedic foam for support and has a pillow-top that is made of recycled Polyester fiber. This is a super soft textured and very plush dog pillow. The cover of the pillow is a faux leather look, with accents that give it a very stylish appearance that goes so well with any décor in any room. The cover is removable for easy cleaning. Just toss it in the washing machine and zip back on the bed.  It’s also a reasonable price, selling for just $42.99, compared to other, similar beds.

1. Majestic Pet Trellis Round Pillow Pet Bed – $74.67

Your dog will love you even more when you give him the Majestic Pet Trellis Round Pillow pet bed. This is a top seller this year, when it comes to dog pillows. It’s because it’s a perfect combination of comfort, function, and style. You can put this bed in any room and it looks great. If you have an indoor/outdoor dog, you can also set it outside, because it was designed with durable Outdoor Treated Cotton, with 1000 hours of UV protection, and the outer layer is designed of heavy duty, waterproof 300/600 Denier fabric. More than that, this pillow gives your dog so much comfort that he will love to go to bed, he’ll want to lounge on it for naps and just relaxing with a bone. It will only set you back $74.67 if you order one.

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