Why You Should Be Using the Pet Gear Pup Tub For Small Pets

Your pet is like family. You want to give them the best care you can, including the products you buy to provide them with the good care. Pet products have become more and more advanced, convenient and practical. Things like grooming your dog is much easier today than it was years ago. There are many different types of dog brushes to choose from, depending on your dog’s needs. You’ll also find an array of shampoo and conditioners, and bathtubs for pets.

When it comes to bathing a small dog, many owners will either opt to use the household bathtub, or the kitchen sink will often serve as the bathtub for their little furry friend. But both of these places have their downfalls, and they can be challenging, and risky in their own ways. If you have a small dog, the big bathtub you use, can be the most challenging. It can be hard to handle a small dog where there is too much room for them to move about and try to escape. Kitchen sinks can be hard to manage due to the size, shape, and depth, and access to bathing accessories. The faucet may get in the way, they try to scurry out onto the countertops, and if they happen to jump out the wrong way, they could land badly on the kitchen floor. Here’s a better option for bathing a small dog – the Pet Gear Pup Tub For Small Pets, and here is why you should be using it.

1. Security

One of the biggest reasons you should be using this small pet bathtub is the security it offers your pet. With two adjustable straps, one on either side of the tub, safely secures your pet in the tub so they can’t get loose and bolt out of the tub.

2. Safe tub bottom

When little dogs get nervous or scared, a natural reaction is to jump around and wriggle about. All the movement can make your little dog more prone to slips, falls and bumps in a regular slippery bottom tub or sink. You won’t have to worry about that with the Pet Gear Pup Tub, because this tub has a safety feature built right in with the rubber bottom, slip-free floor.

3. See-through plastic

Dogs need to be able to see their environment around them in order to feel safe and secure. They like to know their surroundings at all times, which is why this bathtub is made of a see-through plastic so that your dog has views from all around him, which helps to keep your dog feeling in control and relaxed.

4. Rubberized counter grippers
Not only is the bottom of the bathtub floor rubberized, but the bottom of the unit has rubberized grippers so you can set the tub on any hard surface and it won’t shift, slip, or tip. Your dog will be safe anywhere, no matter if you set the bathtub inside a regular, human tub, inside a kitchen sink, or on the counter next to the sink. You’ll feel confident your dog won’t be able to topple or tip the tub while he’s in it.
5. Shampoo storage trays
You know how difficult it can be to reach for the shampoo ad conditioner when you bathe your small pup in a sink or large bath tub. Constantly trying to reach the bottles that are just out of reach, or they slip into the tub when your dog knocks them. This special bath tub for small dogs has storage trays that keep your shampoo and conditioner bottles, along with a storage space for a hairbrush. These items are secure and you will have easy access to them, but your dog won’t.
6. Quick drain
When the bath is over, you want the water to drain quick so you can get your dog dried off without having to wait long periods of time to get dried off, and he shivers while he waits. No more waiting. This tub offers a quick-drain feature to help speed things along so you can get your dog dry and comfortable as soon as possible.
Pet Owners love this tub and every dog owner of a small dog should be bathing their pet in this extremely convenient pet bath. If you want to keep your dog safe, relaxed and a joy to bathe, try the Pet Gear Pup Tub For Small Pets and start enjoying bath time with your pet instead of dreading it.

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