Why Your Older Dog Needs a Comfortable Bed

Dogs love to sleep, but older dogs tend to sleep more than their younger companions. Most older dogs spend a significant part of their day snoozing. Therefore, a nice bed is very important. Some owners let their dog sleep on the couch or even on their bed, but an older dog will find it hard to jump up, so a purpose-designed dog bed in a quiet location is a much better option.

Protection from Cold Drafts

Like humans, dogs need a suitable bed. Dog beds should be away from cold, damp drafts and preferably in a cozy corner. Older dogs have thinner coats, so they feel the cold more. If your dog gets a chill, it will make his arthritic joints stiff and achy and he’ll be in significant discomfort. This is even more true for dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors.

Outdoor Senior Pets

If your pet is an outdoor dog, or he loves to snooze in the backyard, make sure he has a bed with high, rigid sides to give him protection from the wind. The bed should have a nice, soft mattress or a pile of blankets. Place it in a protected area where he can escape the hot sun or rain. Orthopedic outdoor beds are water resistant and comfortable for senior dogs.


Older dogs also need beds that are accessible. Don’t put your dog’s bed upstairs. It is better if he doesn’t have to climb stairs or steps to access his bed. Put his bed in a room where he can be a part of family life, but not in the way of human foot traffic. Once you identify the perfect spot for your senior dog’s bed, make sure you leave it there. Dogs dislike changes to their routines and he will probably get anxious if you keep moving his bed around. If you do regularly move between rooms, perhaps from a home office to the living room in the evening, consider investing in more than one dog bed.

Arthritic Dogs

Older dogs often suffer from arthritis. As they approach their senior years, their joints stiffen, which can be painful. This is even more so with overweight older dogs. If your pet pooch ticks any of these boxes, invest in an orthopedic bed, which are designed to offer extra support and cushioning to older dogs with joint problems.

The Purple Pet Bed is an excellent example of a bed that offers extra support for senior dogs. The comfortable grid system support mattress has a washable cover and is available in several sizes. Look for a similar bed at your local pet store or shop online to find one in the right size.

Spend time choosing the right bed for your senior dog. Look for a bed that is a suitable size, has a washable cover and plenty of padding. A bed is your dog’s special place where he can feel safe and secure. He relies on you, so spend as much as your budget allows.

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