Dogs and the Elderly: A Perfect Match To Save Each Other

I think there ate some things on this Earth that are just meant to be together. Peanut butter and chocolate. Zack Morris and Kelly from Saved by the Bell. And dogs and the elderly. I just truly believe as folks get older and tend to get more isolated, it is an absolute imperative they have something around that will keep them company, show them love, and rely on them as much as people in their lives used to. All I am saying is, if your parents are getting older, getting them a dog is a pretty great idea.

Keep in mind, it is just as important that the elderly person you get a dog for know what goes along with a dog. They will still need to feed the dog and ensure the dog gets adequate exercise. The thing is, those things end up being important to the elderly person as well, because it makes them feel like they are still giving something back to society and doing their part. We switch this expression around an awful lot here, but let me ask. In this case, is it the dog saving the human, or the human saving the dog?

Well, when it comes to dogs and the elderly, we think it is an equal mixing of both, to be honest. They give each other love and that gives their lives purpose. So consider getting a dog for someone you know who may be getting older and perhaps not telling you they are getting lonelier, too.

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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