A Dog’s Favorite Time of Year: Spring Is Almost Here

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We completely understand that not all dogs have the same favorite season, but if you live with your dog in a place that has four seasons, it is pretty safe to assume Spring is a dog’s favorite time of year. The air gets clear and warm. The days are longer, and much more time can be spent outside, just being a dog. Running and playing and breathing in all the wonderful odors and seeing all the flowers budding. Plus, it is not just them that gets excited. Heck, we do, too. The cold barren wasteland of Winter feels like it is never going to end when you are in February, and once March hits, you remember. Yay, time to take it outside for a game of fetch.

It might be easy to forget, but dogs and humans are very similar when it comes to emotions. Some scientists may want to argue that, but they can make like a bee and buzz off. The reality is, when the heavy veil of Winter hits in January and February, it is easy to get caught up in it and get kind of depressed. Our canine friends are no different. Stuck inside, dry heat inside, freezing cold outside. Nothing to do but nap and wait for it to pass.

But guess what. We just did daylight savings and jumped ahead! we are one step closer to Summer. Keep in mind, though. Dogs pant and cannot sweat, so it is safe to assume, as much as they have lots of fun in Summer, that Spring is their favorite. Easy and breezy, it’s time to get Fido and Spot and go for that long walk on the beach you have been waiting to do for the last three months. Just make sure to bring a sweatshirt. It still gets pretty cold at night.

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