Dogs Who Get Excited When They Hear a Laptop Closing


No matter how old or young they are, dogs can get pretty excited about certain things depending on the circumstances. Certain things trigger dogs to react in a positive (or negative) way, even if it’s the most random thing. When most people say the word “treat,” many dogs react to it with wide eyes and wonder and will often go running to the one who said it. The word ‘treat’ has so much happy emotions attached to it and are familiar with it, so even if they don’t necessarily understand the word itself, they know what it signifies. Also, when my dog hears anyone say the word “goodbye,” he automatically barks angrily and runs over to them – it’s not a positive reaction, but because of its meaning to him, he reacted excitedly. Different sounds and words cause a trigger for dogs, and in a viral video, a couple of dogs get super excited over a laptop closing.

In the 15-second video below, you can see an owner’s dogs get very excited when they hear a laptop closing. Ironically, the owner had their laptop open, with a meme of a sloth that says, “My dogs get excited at the sound of my laptop closing.” Sure enough, when the owner closed his laptop, you then see two pit bulls running in excitedly from the other room over to the owner. With big wide eyes, they sniff and check out the owner, with their eyes doing all the asking of, “What’s going on?!” Their eyes are very expressive and show their emotions, and the meme doesn’t lie! It probably has something to do with a memory attached, even if it’s a brief one, like getting to play with their owner after he does his business on his laptop. With the laptop closing, it probably brings back great memories of playing or spending quality time with their owner, which is probably why they always get so excited!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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