Dogs Helped Her Fight Cancer: See What She’s Doing To Help Save Them

dog helps woman with cancer

Angela Padilla founded Family Dog Rescue in San Francisco, California.  She is a cancer survivor.  Angela was depressed and felt hopeless when she learned that she has a deadly disease.  In order to shake the feeling of being an “outcast”, she began working with dogs while she was in therapy.  It was a great way for her to take her mind off from the illness she had.  She started to volunteer and walk dogs.  Working with dogs helped her get through the bad times.  Angela was amazed how the pups accepted her and didn’t judge her despite of her disability and illness.  She also felt connected to the dogs especially the ones with disability which encouraged her more to help them.  When she won her battle with cancer, she decided to start a rescue group that will be devoted to help needy and homeless dogs.

In the video below, you will learn more about Angele’s story.  The video also features the pups that were rescued by Family Dog Rescue and are now enjoying their loving families.  In fact, since 2010 the rescue group has saved and found forever homes to almost 3,000 dogs.  Angela said “their organization makes a conscious choice to save dogs with medical needs, with histories of abuse and neglect, dogs that are depressed, dogs that are really marginalized and dogs that are not gonna make it alive if they don’t help them.”  It’s a great thing to see some of the dogs that they rescued and rehomed in the video.  Pepper is one of the dogs that were rescued by Family Dog and was adopted last year.  He went from being “fearful of men” to a “team mascot” of a local men baseball team.  Master Pekes don’t have eyes but when he was adopted in 2012.  Since then, he traveled and saw some parts of the world with his pet parents.

It’s amazing how dogs helped Angela in fighting cancer.  We are very glad she is doing the best she can to save needy and helpless dogs.  We applaud Angela and the staff of Family Dog Rescue for being compassionate and for everything that they do to help dogs survived and find them a loving and forever home.  May this story encourage others to open up both their hearts and home to a rescue dog.  If you wish to help Angela’s cause, visit for more details.

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