Dogs Loses Both of Her Eyes and the Other Two React In A Shocking Way

seeing eye dogs

A dog, who had lost both of her eyes due to glaucoma, had a really hard time getting around.  The places the dog was use to, seemed like a totally different environment.  She would wobble and often bump into things.  It all started when her owner noticed that she was having trouble with her vison.  The dog would often blink frequently, trying to see what was around her.  She took her pooch to the Vet where the dog was given medicine, in hopes of saving her eye.  The medication worked for a while but then the dog got glaucoma in the other eye.  She was in a lot of pain and the Vet suggested to ease the dogs pain, her eyes needed to be removed.  The owner agreed, but the dog was left blind.

After coming home from surgery, the dog didn’t move around much.  But after her bandages were removed, she tried to feel her way around.  She had a really hard time getting from place to place, but that wasn’t going to last for long.  There are two other dogs in the household and they sprang into action helping the blind dog, whose name is Kiaya to get around.  These two dogs are Kiaya’s best friends in life and they were going to help the pooch as much as they could.

The two other dogs act as her seeing eye dogs and help her to walk around, without bumping into things.  They guide her in the right direction by brushing up against her.  The owner of these dogs was really happy to see her two other dogs helping Kiaya out.  When she first brought her home from the hospital, she didn’t know how she was going to handle the very large dog, but now she is confident the other dogs will help.  This is an amazing story that had a happy ending, even though the dog did lose her eyesight.  If you would like to learn more about this story and see the dogs in action, please watch the video below.  You too will be amazed at this lovely story.

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