Dogs are Man’s Best… Alarm Clocks?


Waking up in the morning is hard enough for us humans. Whether it is the weekday or weekend, sometimes all we want to do is sleep in a bit. When we don’t need to use alarm clocks to wake up in the morning, our days just get that much better. Unfortunately, our four-legged furry friends don’t quite understand that we need our beauty sleep! In a popular viral video, a compilation of dogs waking up their owners can be seen and it isn’t pretty, as the humans in the video all seem to be non-functional and exhausted. Some wake up their humans by gentling pawing at them, some by jumping on top of them and even grabbing at their clothes. Then there are others who bark and whine to their owners in order to wake them up. These canines are just filled with energy and want their humans to share in their abundant energy.  If they weren’t so cute and cuddly, we might not be so okay with this!

In the video below, you can see various cute dogs waking up their respective owners. In the first shot of the video, you see a dog running and jumping atop its owner who is clearly jolted from his sleep. The next one is a fluffy white pup who ends up pawing at its human to get them to wake up. When that proves unsuccessful, the pup goes down to the human’s legs and tugs at the pants of the man’s pajamas and even growls a bit while doing so. The dogs range from small to big, but now matter their size, they use their size to the advantage, either gently nudging for the big dogs, while the smaller dogs really go at it and try to get their human’s attention. Some of the dogs make sounds, like barking and even high-pitched whining – it’s funny to hear these ferocious-looking canines squealing to get attention. Dogs are just so funny!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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