Dogs and Medication: Times Have Changed

Times they sure have changed, huh? Once upon a time, dogs didn’t really need to worry about popping their daily medication to stay healthy and fit. But now, when it comes to dogs and medication, it seems almost every other dog is on some kind of drug that was prescribed by a vet at some point. Thing is, humanity is the same way. You flash back to the 50’s, humans were not being fed medication en-masse like they are now. Seems the medical industry has made quite a financial boom with pharmaceuticals, and the sad thing is that looks like it is bleeding into an area where it affects our dogs now, too.

First off, understand. In some cases, this can be good. If your dog has certain health problems, then there are certainly medicines that will make it better and help its quality of life. But many people also see it as bad. We have everything from dog anxiety pills to dog anti-depressants now. We cannot be the only ones seeing a problem with this, right? It is a highly contested issue among people, with many dog lovers having many different views.

Our thoughts are this. The dog is yours, and it is up to each individual owners to decide what is best for their dog. Yes, in some cases, meds can help. But if we flash forward and find out in 20 years that one in three dogs is on antidepressants, then I have to say, something is seriously wrong here.

(Photo illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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