Dogs are Now Trained to Sniff Out Computer Hardware


Seems like times they are a changing. Whereas once, if we imagined what we are about to talk about, we all would have laughed a hearty laugh and thought it impossible. Where once, dogs were only used to sniff out missing people and explosive devices, now there are many, many things dogs are trained to sniff out. One thing we can add to the list now is computer hardware. We may laugh now, but who knows how many f̶i̶l̶e̶s̶  lives this could save.

In all reality, what the dog is really doing is pretty priceless once you realize it. They will use the dogs specially trained to sniff out hardware and computers to go into places where they think some people may have hidden flash drives or tried to hide an old computer that had something on it that was lewd, dangerous, or questionable. They have even trained the dogs under extreme situations. Like being able to smell hardware through clothes or in closed drawers or inside plastic bags.

It may seem insane a concept at first, but once you realize everything is held on computers and hard drives or flash drives in our current world, you realize that this is the new bomb sniffing dog of the 21st century. Plus, we like this more. Sometimes when dogs sniff out bombs, the bombs can go off. At least with the computers, they are only finding (non explosive) computers.

This is something we can behind.

Image via Shutterstock

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