Dog’s “On the Brink of Death” Story goes Viral


You would hardly recognize the dog Bethany today as compared to just a couple of short months ago.  Bethany is a one year old shepherd mix who was literally on the brink of death when two Los-Angeles based rescue foundations saved her.  In order to do so they had to use a cheeseburger to lure the dog into a van.

“The moment we pulled up and saw her laying there, I thought she was dead,” said Annie Hart, of the Bill Foundation. “She was in really bad shape. She had mange, all her fur was missing and she had three or four infections, including an eye infection and a bladder infection we didn’t know about until later. “She also had been pregnant before we got to her. Her puppies had miscarried due to her poor health.”

The owners of the Hope for Paws Foundation (Hart and Eldad Hagar) decided to record Bethany’s remarkable recovery starting from her first day of being rescued.   The video has drawn over 4 million views on Youtube.  Thankfully Bethany trusted her rescuers to scrub the mange off of her.  She’s currently in foster care waiting for adoption.   The amazing video is below

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