Dogs Suffer Together And Are Found Near Death: They Need A Forever Home

suffering dogs

Everyone wants an Oscar and an Emmy, and thankfully these two rescue dogs are in perfect health after being rescued almost at the brink of death in July. When Chicago Police were called about two abandoned dogs in an empty building, they knew they had to do something drastic. Both dogs, both pit bulls, were so thin that every rib in their bodies was visible, and it was apparent that these dogs were very close to death. Chicago PD called the Trio Animal Foundation, which helps shelters and vets by paying the medical bills for homeless and abandoned dogs. They met the police at the vet where the dogs were taken, and they took over.

It was then that the vet came in with bad news; both dogs were close to death. Both had severe health issues, potential organ failure and both had passed the point of starvation mode. They were hooked to IVs and given small meals throughout the day high in fat content so as not to overwhelm their starving systems. Giving them a full meal could have caused their bodies to react in a way that would have overwhelmed their starving systems and caused them to die. It was 10 days before either dog showed any sign of improvement, and close to 5 weeks before the vet could say with certainty that these dogs were completely recovered – their vet stays lasted three weeks each.

Anthony, a vet tech working with the dogs, was the subject of Emmy’s affections. She fell madly in love with him from the start, and his coworkers say it’s because he has a big heart, a lot of compassion and he is a genuinely wonderful person. Emmy followed him around the entire time she was there; to the bathroom, to his exam rooms – everywhere. Anthony felt the same way and he was able to get his fiancé to come in and meet the dog, who now lives with them in their forever home. Oscar, however, is still looking for his forever home. He’s sweet, loving, well-trained and learning quickly the rules of obedience. If you’re interested in taking home this loving dog forever, call the Trio Animal Foundation.

Photos by Trio Foundation’s Facebook Page

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