Dominic The Pit Bull Puppy and His Magical Gift of Comforting Others


We all know how blessed we are to have dogs in our lives. They make us feel safe. They make us feel loved. That reminds us that there is some purity left in this impure world. But we sometimes forget how lucky dogs are to have each other. Take, for example, the story of Dominic. The rescue Pit Bull puppy who was a magical gift for helping other rescue dogs feel safe and loved when they are new to the shelter. We are hearing more and more stories about dogs like this, that look out for each other, and they never fail to make us tear up. These are tears we are proud of. We call them “happy tears”.

Dominic was just weeks old when he was rescued from a house in Colorado that had been breeding Pit Bulls to fight. They brought him to their shelter, and were trying to find him a home when they first noticed this Pit Bull puppy had a special gift for comforting others. One of the shelter workers noticed that Dominic had walked over to one of the dog’s that had just gotten out of surgery and laid it’s head down on the dog’s belly. This calmed the dog, which of course, helps with healing. This started a trend that Dom just continued.

Somehow, the little Pit Bull would always notice which dogs had just gotten out of surgery, and would go comfort them. They say the dogs who cry the loudest are the ones Dominic seems to pay the most attention to. The dog was definitely born with a gift for calming and comforting other dogs in their time of need. Something no one would have ever know had they not rescued Dom from an awful fate.

So Dom has grown up a little, but still works at the shelter, calming dogs. They say some dogs come out of surgery scared and feeling aggressive, and even in those cases, Dom can completely calm them within a minute or two. Hey, we have said it before and we will say it forever more. Dogs are not the lucky ones to have us in their lives. We are clearly the lucky ones to have them in ours. Well, looks like some other dogs are pretty lucky, too. Lucky they have little Dom to keep them calm and happy.

“I’ve never, ever seen anything like this,” said Floss Blackburn, founder of Denkai. “He’s got such a sweet heart.”

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