Donate To the ASPCA and Help Change The World

Here at Puppytoob, we love to show you cute pics of dogs and talk about dog survival and rescue stories. But sometimes we realize we have a farther reach than that. Maybe we can call out to some of our fellow dog and animal lovers to do more than just read. Maybe they can lend a hand, or lend a dollar, and help make the world a safer place for all animals. Maybe, in donating even a single dollar to the ASPCA, you can help to change the life of one dog. Money well spent, we would say.

So do it. If you love dogs like we do (and we know we do because you are here), why not put in that extra bit of effort. Donate to the ASPCA today. In doing so, remember, it is how much you donate. It is the simple fact that you took time and the effort needed, as well as your own money, to help a great cause that helps the things we love on this planet even more then ourselves: our dogs. The ASPCA are like the secret Superman to canines, and maybe we all need to do our part in that, too.

So do what you can. Lend a dollar, lend an hour, and lend an ear. Realize, it is easy to read all the happy dog rescue stories. But it is also easy to forget it is human beings behind those rescues, and nine out of ten times, those humans wear the ASPCA logo. So give a little. It is well worth it for what they give to us.

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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