Drug Sniffing Dogs Becoming More Popular With Parents

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Hold up a minute. Did you just hear that noise? That was the sound of a million teenagers letting out a collective groan of fear. Why, you ask? Because it seems drug sniffing dogs are becoming more and more popular among certain parents. Not even remotely joking you. Can you even imagine coming home from a party, all late at night as a teenager, and your dogs starts going nuts and wakes up your parents? Almost sounds like a premise for a bad comedy movie, but it’s true.

First off, let me explain a little better. No, it is not like the parents are buying drug sniffing dogs as their own. The above example was purely for laughs. What they do is, they hire a private service to have a drug sniffing dog come into their room and do some nose searching. While come conservatives may think this is a good idea, where does it stop? Do you also hire guards to search them before they come in? To me, it seems like there are real issues of trust here. If you trust your kid so little that you need to bring in drug sniffing dogs, doesn’t that reflect back on your parenting, as well?

It just feels like we are treading a very fine line between a normal life and the book 1984 becoming true. And the poor dogs, like usual, are stuck in the middle.

(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

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