Dying Veteran’s Last Wish Is To Find A Loving Home For His Service Dog


A dying veteran is seeking help from the public to find a new good home for his service dog and best friend.  Tristen Kerr recently found out that he has terminal cancer and is looking for a new forever home for his seven-year old Doberman Pinscher .  Kerr was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer in March and only given a few mouths to live.  But Kerr is more concerned about what will happen to his beloved canine friend after he is gone.  The dog, whose name is Cain is a loving dog with tons of personality.  While the dog is very large, he is well-mannered and very gentle. He would make a wonderful pet for someone looking for a large breed dog.  Cain really is a gentle giant that loves to be around people.

Cain has really helped Kerr over the last few months and he wants to repay the dog by finding him a home as soon as possible.  Kerr has turned to the media for help and his story has been seen around the world.  The 62 year veteran wants everyone to know just how sweet Cain really is.  The dog who is in perfect health would make the perfect family pet.  Cain is very good around people and he really enjoys going for long walks.  This is a very active pooch and would be a great companion animal for anyone leading an active lifestyle.

Kerr really loves Cain and he wants the pooch to find a home with someone who can take up a lot of time with the dog.  The perfect person might be someone who is a retiree and can give the dog lots of walks during the day.  While no one has come forward at the time of this article, surely someone will contact Kerr soon.  Kerr has even printed up t-shirts with the dogs image on it and a phone number to call.  If you might be interested in adopting this very loving animal, then you can find more information in the video located below.  Cain is a very healthy dog and has many good years ahead of him.  So why not help give this adorable dog a new home to call his very own?

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