After Eight Years and 1000 Miles Man is Reunited with his Dog


Losing your best friend is one of the hardest experiences to endure, no matter how you have done so: through death, a falling out or a fight, or having to move straight across the world with not many chances to ever see them again. One of the saddest stories is losing your best friend because they ran away and disappeared – which is often what happens to man’s best friend: our dogs! Mike Nuanes knows that predicament all too well, as the Denver man’s best friend, his dog Jordan, went missing nearly eight years ago and were separated between thousands of miles. Still, the two never stopped thinking about the other, which would prove to be true when they finally were able to reunite.

Mike and his late wife were at a family member’s home when Jordan went missing. While the details aren’t completely clear, it’s been assumed that he had been a victim of a home robbery, with Mike believing someone had snatched the Shih Tzu from their backyard when they were away. In believing that, there’s no reason why Mike would ever think he would be reunited with his beloved pooch again. Imagine his surprise, nearly eight years later when he received the call that informed him, “We have a dog here that’s yours.” Somehow, Jordan had ended up in Atlanta, but was found and located Mike with the incredible news. It was a miracle, and a longtime dream come true!

It turns out that Jordan was picked up by a random kindhearted person who ended up taking the canine to a clinic. At the clinic, it was discovered that the dog had a microchip and that he belonged to Mike. Thanks to the chip, the clinic was able to contact Mike, who was overjoyed by the news, jumping on the first flight possible to Atlanta to finally get his dog back. Jordan is finally back home where he belongs – along with four other four-legged furry friends who live in Mike’s home in Denver.

(Photo Source: Fulton County Animal Services)

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