After All Else Failed, They Tried Acupuncture To Help This Paralyzed Puppy

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Rumple the puppy, came to the Asheville Humane Society in poor condition. Something had caused this dog’s back legs to become paralyzed and he couldn’t get around at all. But unlike a shelter that would have put the dog down, this animal rescue group was going to give Rumple a second chance. Apparently this canine had been looked at by a Vet in the past and no cure could be found. But this didn’t stop the Asheville Humane Society from trying something different, to help the dog. While they knew the odds of him ever regaining the use of his back legs was stack against him, they were going to try anyway.

Someone in the group decided to try acupuncture on the dogs back legs, in hopes that it would help. As the specialized Vet performed the procedure, you could tell that the little dog was nervous. But what happens next will shock you. Rumple’s toe began to twitch and the staff was shocked. Before they could not move any part of his legs or feet and now his tiny toe was moving around! This was a really good sign that the procedure just might work. After the first session the group had lots of hope for the dog. They continued the treatment and after a while Rumple began to use his hind legs to crawl around! This was amazing to watch and you can tell that something amazing is happing.

After even more treatments the pooch was able to stand and even run around on his own! As you can see, he is still a bit wobbly, but he went from not being able to move his legs, to actually running around. All of this was possible because this wonderful group of people never gave up on the dog. He was given a second chance and now look how far he has come. He will probably be adopted out soon and given a forever home. This is great news for both the dog and the people that were involved in his long recovery. If you want to see Rumple and learn more about his struggle, please watch the video below.

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