The English Golden Retriever: Not a Different Breed But A Different Standard


While looking for a new puppy to bring into your family you may have come across advertisements posted by breeders of the English Golden Retriever.  You may have asked yourself what is the difference between an American Golden Retriever and an English Golden Retriever?  If you have questions, you’re not alone because many people have wondered the same thing.  Believe it or not there is a great debate going on about these two dog breeds.  Some people believe that they are separate breeds whiles other claim they are the same animal.  That’s why today, we are going to take a look at what sets them apart.

So what’s The Difference between These Two Dog Breeds?

The truth is these are the same dog breed but with one acceptation.  The British have been breeding these dogs for many years and in 1911 these elegant working dogs became accepted by the British Kennel Club.  While the in the United States these dogs were not accepted by the American Kennel Club until the year 1934.  Besides being accepted many years apart as a standard breed these canines are held to different standards in each country. Because of this, breeders from each country look for certain physical traits that they considered being more favorable than others.

So What Do The British and Americans Look For When They Breed These Majestic Animals?

The British version of this sporting dog is often much larger.  Their frames are much heavier than that of U.S. breed dogs giving them more bulk.  Also, a blockier head is common among these animals.  While the British Kennel Club doesn’t require a standard weight when sizing the animal up it does consider height.  To be a true British dog the males have to be 24 inches tall and the females 22 inches tall.  But in the United States, the males can be 22 inches tall and the females 20 inches tall and still be considered standard.  While you might not think a few inches matter, dog breeders around the world take it very seriously.

So Which Country Produces A Better Dog?

This is an age old question that can only be answered by the person seeking to acquire one of these animals.  The truth is, the best dog is the one you personally find more appealing.  If you want a bigger and more bulkier animal, go with the British version. But if you like a sleek dog that is still very beautiful, pick the American.  While the debate will surely rage on for many decades to come, the fact is, these are both very beautiful dogs.

Image via ingrid0804 at Flickr.com

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