The English Labrador Retriever: A Pedigree and Not A Breed

English Labrador Retriever

The English Labrador Retriever is not a different breed of animal but rather a pedigree.  These dogs are breed for different purposes than the standard animal.  While the common Labrador Retriever is bred to be a working dog that can be put through harsh conditions in the field, the English Labrador Retriever is bred for show.  This is the major difference when you are looking at the two dogs. While some people still used the English dogs during bird hunting, you are far less likely to see many of them in the field.

What Other Things Do You Look For In These Dogs?

The English Labrador Retriever will often have less energy than the standard breed.  They won’t over power you and cause you to have to chase after them as often. These canines can be very active as puppies but when they reach adulthood they become very docile animals.  They seem to take very well the obedience training and learn very quickly to follow your lead.  That’s why so many people who are in dog competition seek out these animals.  When placed up against other dog breeds, they often come out the winner.

They Make Great Family Pets as Well

Many people who want a quite dog that does well around children choose this dog.  They seem to get into less trouble than the standard breed and won’t tear up everything in the home. They are not aggressive animals and will do well around other animal members of the family. If you have children in the home, these dogs will form a close bond with them. Many of these dogs after retiring from the competition circuit have very leisurely lives at home with their families.

These Dogs Can Be Hard To Find

There are many breeders out there that specialize in these dogs.  But the demand for them is very high.  So if you are looking to purchase one, you will probably be put on a waiting list. You might have to shop around to find a breeder that has available puppies and expect to pay a premium price because these dogs don’t come cheap at all. But if you are lucky enough to get one of these dogs to call your own, you get years of enjoyment out of them.  These dogs are very great companions and will bond with you from the day you bring them into your home.

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