Ever Wanted to Teach Your Dog to Wave? Here’s How!

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You’ve seen your friend’s dog wave and since then you have wanted to teach your dog how to wave, the problem is you don’t know how to.  Well, worry no more because in this article we will discuss how to teach your dog to wave goodbye.  Also, a video located at the end of this article will show you how to teach the trick.  Before you start teaching your pup to wave you will need a clicker (to mark that your pup did something good or right) and small treats for rewards.  Make sure that the treats you’re going to reward them is their favorite.  Andrea Arden, professional dog trainer, said in the video that “the easiest to teach your dog to wave goodbye is by teaching them first to do a high five.”

How to teach your dog to wave goodbye

  1. Armed with a clicker (on one hand) and treats, you can sit or stand in front of your pooch. Then hold a treat inside of your hand by making a fist. Canines will paw at your hand most of the time because they think that there’s something in it (treat).  Make sure that your fist is at a normal height that your pup can reach.  Once his paw touched your hand mark and give him a treat and click the clicker.  Repeat it a few times.
  2. Next step is switch into an empty hand signal, no more treat inside your fist. Just simply put your hand up in the air like a “high five” signal.  When your pup touched your hand, you can mark and give him a treat.   Once he masters the high five trick, you can then start working on making it a wave.
  3. To transition the high five to a wave, simply put your hand a little bit out of your dog’s reach. Every time your pup tries to reach for your hand (his paw up), he is waving. Once he masters that, you can add a cue like bye or hi.  Say the cue word first then do the hand signal.  Repeat it until your pup masters the trick.

Note: Some dogs don’t go for your hand and if you encounter the same problem, try using a paw pod or any object that they like.

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