What Exactly is A Corgi Husky Mix?

Corgi Husky Mix

One of the most fun and interesting looking new hybrid dogs is the Corgi Husky Mix.  These medium sized canines are very beautiful animals to say the least. When they are puppies, you really can’t tell if the Corgi Husky Mix is going to look like a Corgi or a Husky.  But when they get older you will find that these long shaped dogs look like a balanced mix of both breeds. It seems funny that someone would think to cross these completely different animals but the results are very amazing. These dogs are often short legged with a long frame, with lots of long hair and a thick undercoat.  Due to the nature of their coats they will often get very hot during the warm summer months.  So make sure you have a place inside your home for them to cool off and they will be very happy.

So What Temperament Do These Dogs Have?

These dogs very love animals but due to their genetics, they can often be very shy.  So in order for them to lead normal lives as adults they are going to have to be socialized at a very young age.   To do this, you are going to have to bring them around as many people and other animals as possible.  Once properly trained these dogs make great family pets.  They often are placed in homes with children and do really well.  But as always, every dog is different. So whenever you bring a new pet home, watch them for at least a few days before allowing your child to play with them.

How about Health? What Should You Look Out For In These Animals?

While this is a mixed breed that is found to be very healthy, there are some issues that you may want to look out for.  Hip dysplasia is one of the most common problems that these dogs are faced with.  So you should have your new pet x-rayed after you bring them home.  This will allow you to have peace of mind and know what the future may bring.  Also, some of these dogs have suffered from epilepsy in rare cases.  Not all of these dogs will be faced with these problems but it’s a good idea to be proactive about them if they do arise.  Make sure to have your new pet thoroughly checked out by a Vet each and every year.

Image via skinnydog at Flickr.com

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