Exercises for Your and Your Dog


Is your ‘around-the-block’ routine getting old when you and your dog go outside for a walk?  Neither of you get excited anymore about going outside because it is always the same thing.  You walk around your house or apartment building and then you go inside.  Sometimes, when you both are feeling lazy, your dog just goes to the bathroom and then you both go back inside.  Start getting out and become adventurous.  There are many activities that you and your dog can start doing besides that small and dull walk.  Get out and get active.  Get creative with the time you spend outside with your dog by engaging in new outdoor exercise activities.

dog playing frisbee

You and your dog can add playing frisbee to your exercise activity list.  This game will definitely work both of you up and get you sweating in no time.  There is a lot of cardio action in the game of frisbee.  You will be worn out by the time your dog has had enough.  Bring plenty of water for both of you to stay hydrated.  Playing frisbee will allow you and your dog to improve on your hand and eye coordination.  Well, your dog will improve on eye and mouth coordination since they won’t be catching the frisbee with their paws.  Your dog will love this activity because they can run around and play with a toy at the same time.

hike with dog

Taking a hike up and down a hill will give you and your dog a great start to your day.  Wake up early in the morning on a Saturday and get your day started off right by having a hike be the outdoor exercise activity that you and your dog do together.  Climbing up the hill will give your legs a great exercise.  You and your dog can stop during this outdoor exercise activity and see the incredible views once you make it to the top of he hill.  Hiking with your dog is an outdoor exercise activity that you and your furry friend can do to share a special moment with each other.  You will both have a feeling of happiness and accomplishment once you make it to the top.

Sean-Gordy-beach-run with dog

Jogging along a trail is another great way besides hiking that you and your dog can enjoy a beautiful scene.  If you live near a beach, you and your dog should jog along the shore right before the sun sets.  Enjoying the different colors of the skyline would be a memorable moment for you and your dog while doing this outdoor exercise activity.  It is a moment that you can relive if you decide to jog along the beach again.  If you do not live along the beach, but know of a scenic trail near your house, go jogging there.  Pick a place that has tall trees or a big lake and enjoy the woodsy, country scene.  If your dog is lucky, there will be geese or ducks in the lake that they can chase.  They will be getting more exercise without even realizing and you can take a break from jogging for ten minutes.  Being able to finally enjoy your outdoor exercise activities with your dog will make you both happier and healthier.  Getting out and seeing the world in a whole new way will give you and your dog more special moments together that will fill your lives with joy.


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