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English bulldog

Many of us will agree that the best way to go these days is to save a dog’s life by going to your local shelter. However there are also some of us that have favorite breeds that we are determined to have. Do you have any idea how expensive some dogs can actually be? Years ago I spent a ridiculous amount of money on an English Bulldog. Though “Stanley” was worth every penny I really think I went too far with that purchase. It was worth it! When I learned about how much some other breeds are I really didn’t feel so bad. Here are some of the most expensive dogs on the market! Though there is a probable chance that you can get these dogs at a lower rate, these dogs have sold and continue to sell at these prices. Why? It’s mostly based on demand for the breed. Talk about major bucks for a pup!

King Charles spaniel

King Charles Spaniel–It is no wonder that the King Charles Spaniel was a featured dog on “Sex In the City”. This beautiful pup is known to be gentle, intelligent, and obedient. To boot these dogs will melt your heart as soon as you look at them! The King Charles Spaniel is often seen featured as a show dog because of its obedience and looks. Price tag? $1000-$14,000! Lottery ticket, please!

German Shepherd

German Shepherd–The German Shepherd is well known with police departments and the military. Depending upon what this breed is used for, the price tag can be pretty hefty. My Uncle had a German Shepard and I know as an absolute certainty he did not pay anything near what, perhaps the government would pay. How high can the price tag be for a German Shepherd? Anywhere from $3000-$24,000! Keep in mind that these dogs are used for very risky operations hence the reason why they can become so expensive. German Shepherds are known for their impressive intelligence and courage. They are extremely loyal and protective.

samoyed husky

Samoyed Husky – This was one of my childhood talks and I certainly know that my parents did not pay $4000 for “Chinook”. Samoyed Huskies are and extremely friendly dogs and who love to stay active, probably becuse of their origin. Samoyed Huskies are sledding  and herding dogs in some parts of the world. These beautiful white pups are also used as therapy dogs because of their friendly demeanor. Samoyed huskies can range from $4000 up.

Personally, I would prefer to pay what is considered a normal price for a dog rather than spend thousands. If I have that kind of money I would take the extra cash and buy everything for my dog. Wait, I do that now! When it all comes down to it there are hundreds upon thousands of dogs that need their lives saved. But when you really think about it what would happen to these dogs is nobody purchased them? I am sure there are celebrities and millionaires that have their preference in dog breeds hence the reason why they these insane price tags are placed upon these dogs. When it all comes down to it adopt a dog is that you can afford and most importantly provide the dog with a loving home. Love don’t cost a thing!





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