Family Creates “Dog Bucket List” for their Canine With Cancer

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This is one of those stories that will hit you right in the feels. Like, square in them. Just be prepared going in is all we are saying. So what would you do if you found out the dog you loved had Cancer? Well, for one family, it meant making a “doggie bucket list” to ensure their dog had the greatest final moments in its life it could. They wanted to ensure their dog, Marsha, knows she was loved and lived a good life before the end. We told you this one would get you in the feels.

So Marsha was five when her family found out she had stage 3 skin cancer. Though they knew this meant their time with Marsha would be cut short, they thought rather than get sad and into a slump, they would make a “doggie bucket list” filled with things that Marsha loved to do. Lately, her days have been filled with lots of playing, rides, and even some trips fly fishing, which her family says is one of her favorites. She thinks it is a game of catch and runs into the river after the fly. Makes us chuckle just to think about.

The way they see it, this doggie bucket list is there so they know when Marsha finally does have to go, she will go smiling, having known she was adored and got to do everything any dog could ever want to do. Now please excuse me while I go cry for the rest of my life.

Image Via Fox News

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