Firefighter Rescues Dog Who Fell Through Ice


While visiting a Faribault dog park this past weekend, a yellow labrador/retriever was on dangerously thin ice – literally. While Connie Glarner was watching her friend’s lab Mea on Sunday, the dog fell through the thin ice at White Sands Dog Park. Every time the pup tried to pull herself up, she’d just fall through the ice once more. If she kept going as she did, she would eventually have made her way to shore, but the truth was the dog’s body was getting tired. Her body was shaking from trying to stay warm and afloat. Glarner did the only thing she felt she needed to do: she called 911 for help.

“The firefighter who responded said she was making noises they’d never heard out of a dog before by the time they got there,” Faribault Fire Chief Dustin Dienst explained. 

The first officer on the scene threw a ball on a rope to Mea and it worked – until the canine let go, as she was trained. Another firefighter after donned what is known as a “Gumby suit,”  the neoprene suit that covers the body and traps its heat inside while keeping the firefighter afloat. He climbed atop a piece of ice where Mea was but before reaching her, he broke through the ice as well. But that was the right path, as he was able to break a path for the dog to help her swim safely to shore.

Mea is currently doing fine after the fiasco, and it wasn’t the first time a pup broke through the ice at the dog park. Apparently people have been posting on the White Sands Dog Park Facebook page talking about the dogs who have fallen through  the ice, but were able to swim back to shore without assistance.

Image via Connie Glarner


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