Firefighters Save A Dog Stuck In A Tree

Firefighters and Dog

Growing up, you would always hear stories about firefighters rescuing cats from trees. I guess the cats would run up way high into the tree, and then they would get scared and just stay there, so people would call the fire dept to come and rescue them. The fire engines would show up, they would use a ladder to retrieve the cat, and all would be well with the world again. What you never heard were stories of how firefighters save a dog stuck in a tree. Well guess what? Sit back and get ready, because you are about to.

The great irony of the story is that Bella the dog stuck in a tree was actually chasing a cat up there. Note there is a cat in the tree with Bella, but the cat is much higher up, so we think we know who won that story. Hahaha, poor Bella. The firefighters were called in because once the dog got high enough, it got really scared and knew it would not able to come down without hurting itself. This is when the firefighters were called in. They set up their ladder, climbed up, and rescued Bella from way high up in a tree.

The great news is that Bella was uninjured is doing just fine, though her owners seem to think this was a very big blow to her ego. Hey, maybe Bella just saw Twilight and wanted to scurry up a tree like the Bella in that awful movie did? Just saying, you never know. Reality is, we are just glad that Bella is fine and the brave firefighters did an amazing job, per usual.

Photo by Laura Lezza/Getty Images


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