First Military Pit Bull Returns from Afghanistan but is Being Treated Poorly in the U.S.

pit bull military

We focus heavily on the fact that the men and women sent overseas to fight and protect our freedom are being removed from their homes and families, are enduring things we cannot even imagine and are not being recognized and treated properly at home. It’s true in many instances, and it’s just as true for dogs as it is for humans. Did you know that dogs go overseas to work with the military? It makes sense, given the fact that dogs are intelligent creatures who also do a lot of work for the police stateside, and many of these dogs are being mistreated.

Howard is the world’s first military pit bull that went overseas to fight in Afghanistan. His handler, Alexander Reimer, wants him back with him living in the states. When Howard was brought back to the states a few years ago, he was adopted by a family in need of a dog. It seemed like a happy moment for Howard, but it’s come to Alexander Reimer’s attention that the family raising Howard is not doing their job. While he doesn’t detail what it is that the new family is doing to him, he is quick to say that the dog is now living in some of the most deplorable conditions.

He is fighting hard to have Howard removed from the home where he is being mistreated so that he can have him back. They spent time together in one of the most dangerous places on earth, and they’ve been through a lot together. If his family is not treating him as they should, forcing him to live in conditions unfit for a dog, we hope that his former handler is able to get him back and give this heroic dog the kind of life he really deserves for the ultimate happy ending.

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