Five Dog Breeds That Tend to be Very Dramatic

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While dogs are universally very cute, sweet and loving, there are some characteristics that lump many of them together. Although they may all be dogs, certain breeds have their individual characteristic quirks that make them who they are. There are the dog breeds that are known for being great for families as well as those who are probably not the best with children; there are some who are the most laid back, and then there are those breeds who are very dramatic. Not every breed can be dramatic like  some of these dogs, which is what makes them so special. It’s also a good thing to know – if you’re looking for a new dog that is more laid back and not as dramatic, think twice about these guys!

Here are five very dramatic dog breeds:

1. Chihuahuas

These yippy little guys are one of – if not the – most dramatic dogs! Just because they’re tiny and small doesn’t mean you should underestimate them! These canines are quite high-strung; if their high-pitched, constant barking doesn’t convince you of that, they also are prone to nipping and snapping when they feel the least bit threatened. Don’t be fooled!

2. Pugs

These dogs are quite the little lovers and want all of your love and attention. They aren’t shy about letting you know what they want, either – and that is your complete attention. They can also bit a little tough to housetrain, but if you play your cards right, they just might let you know they need to be let out by dramatically scratching at the door and giving you their signature pug eyes.

3. Beagles

These food-loving canines will not hesitate to use their big, loud voices to let you know that they want something. They like getting their way, which is usually food-related, and are not afraid to be a little naughty to get what they want.

4. Dachshunds

These wiener dogs are pretty bold and brave little beings. They can get a little reckless and will even bark with little to nothing provoking it.

5. Basset Hounds

These floppy-eared dogs have the most expressive eyes and can and will try to get you to do what they want. If that doesn’t work, no doubt that their deep howling just might!

Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

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