Five Important Tips for Walking Your Dog at Night

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Many people find themselves walking their dog at night after the sun has gone down. There are many reasons for this: they’re out all day at work and don’t come home till night; during the day it is too hot to walk and after dusk is the perfect weather; and/or it’s a lot more fun to do once the sun has gone down and it’s nice and dark out. That may be the case, however, walking at night in the dark can pose some dangerous situations.

Here are five important tips for walking your dog at night:

1. Bring a friend. Being alone in the dark can give even the toughest person a bit of anxiety. If you can, bring along a friend who can accompany you and calm your nerves. Your dog can sense your uneasiness also, so a friend that can help you relax is of benefit to them too.

2. Wear reflective gear. One of the biggest dangers of walking at night is crossing the street and being hit by a car because your clothing is easily hidden in the dark. Wearing reflective clothing can help motorists see you so they can step on their brakes.

3. Pack a flashlight. The dark of the night may need some light when you’re walking, especially on trails you can’t see. Anything that shines light can prove helpful, like a headlight or lantern. A somewhat heavy flashlight could also double as a possible weapon for protection.

4. Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid putting in your earbuds, as it’s important to be aware of everything around you – whether it’s to see if your dog is okay or if someone or something is following you.

5. Have your cell phone with you. Along with your sweater, dog leash and plastic bags, don’t forget to tote your cell. It doubles as a clock and a backup if anything happens and you need to call for help.

(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

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