Five Places You Should Avoid When Looking For Cocker Spaniel Breeders

Cocker Spaniel

We all know that there are tons of dog breeds in the world today.  This has led to many different people, specializing in certain types of dogs.  These specialized breeders spend a lifetime learning about their favorite dogs and they work hard to produce only the best quality animals.

A very popular dog breed that has a huge following is the Cocker Spaniel.  These beautiful dogs have fascinated people all over the world for many years.  Now there are countless Cocker Spaniel Breeders in the United States, many of whom are producing high quality pets.

But when a breed gets as popular as this one has, there are bound to be problem breeders entering the market. This makes finding the right person to get your new animal from very difficult.  Today we are going to discuss five places you should always avoid when looking for your new pet.

  1. The flea market. Sure you will probably find some very cute looking puppies here.  Many of which will be reasonably priced and some may even come with papers.  But when you get an animal from someone at the flea market, there is no guarantee that they will be there the following day. If something goes wrong with the animal you could be left out in the cold.  So make sure to keep away from this location.
  2. The pet shop. While these puppies will look really cute looking at you from behind the glass, they might be coming from a puppy mill.  While many pet shops get their animals from reputable breeders, some utilize puppy mills as a means of supply.
  3. Craigslist and similar forums. These forums offer no support and it’s always buyer beware on these websites.  Many people are running scams on these sites because there is no one to stop them from doing so.
  4. In a parking lot. Puppy mill owners are notorious for selling their animals in parking lots around the country.
  5. Garage sales. The puppies might look healthy, but many times they come with no papers and no guarantee of health.  You wouldn’t want to risk your hard earned money on a sick puppy and it will also wind up breaking your heart.

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