Five Things You Can do To Help End Animal Abuse

Dog in cage

Animal abuse happens when the animal’s owner/s hurts or neglects them.  Every year a lot of animals are rescued from their abusers while some are rescued from the streets after being abandoned by their owner’s.  Every year the animal control agencies and animal rescue groups are mostly the ones that are responsible in saving the lives of many abused animals.   In an effort to end animal abuse, animal rescue groups around the country are raising awareness about the issue.  They encourage people to be vigilant when they noticed an animal is not treated right.  Did you know that you can help end animal abuse?  Yes, you can help by doing five simple things. First, you need to learn the signs and symptoms of abused animals.  Below is a list of signs and symptoms that you need to look for to confirm a case of animal abuse.

The animal is malnourished, starving and injured.

The animal is infested with parasites like ticks and fleas.

The animal is living in poor conditions.

The animal is left outside without shelter from the elements or left inside a car in a hot day.

The animal is abandoned.

The animal is a victim of violent acts by its owner’s.

Act quickly.  The minute you have confirmed your suspicion that an animal is being abused, act quickly by calling the animal control, police or sheriff department or a local rescue group.  Make sure to tell them all the details about the abused animal.  Also, make sure to document and take pictures of the animal so you have evidence.

Be a good example.  If you have pets, show to your kids and other people what responsible and loving pet parents do; give them love and take good care of them by giving them enough food, water and a clean and safe shelter.  Don’t forget to take your pets to the vet for regular checkups and of course, get them spayed or neutered.

Support animal rescue groups. You can show your support by giving donations or by becoming a foster parent to an abused animal. Lastly, join or start a neighborhood watch.  This is another great way to prevent animal abuse.  When you are familiar with the animals in your neighborhood, it makes it a bit easy to spot any behavior changes in the animal that’s suspected to be abused.

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