Five Things you Didn’t Know about the Blue Heeler


The Blue Heeler is an Australian cattle dog that most don’t truly appreciate or know enough about. They are definitely not one of the most popular breeds in America, but we think they deserve more love. Smart, energetic, and full of life, we want to take a moment to teach you five things you probably didn’t know about the Blue Heeler. As hard working as they are adorable, they are a breed that deserves more attention. If for no other reason than to inform people of what they are like.

Belongs to Australian Cattle Dog Family

I am sure you have heard of Heelers before. Red Heelers, Blue Heelers, and so on. The name is all spun off the Australian cattle dog family. Some of the best cattle dogs around.

Strong Prey Drive

Part of what makes them so good at herding is their strong prey drive. They have a natural penchant towards this type of ability ingrained in them.

They LOVE Doing Jobs

This is why they are cattle and herding dogs. They have a strong instance to always be doing something, and to be doing it to the best of their ability. Hard working, and love being reminded of how good they are at it, too.

Hereditary Eye Problems

Seems like some breeds have a pre-disposition to certain ailments, and with a Blue Heeler, it is eye problems. Though they all don’t experience it, a good percentage of them do.

Curious As Children

Be careful if you have a Blue Heeler who is not herding or is not doing an assigned tasks, as they are just like children and have a strong penchant to get into anything they can that isn’t tied down. This curiosity and energy translates really well into them being so productive at herding.

So while the breed may not be for everyone, you can see now why they are herding dogs are why Blue Heelers are so good at it.

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