Five Things You Didn’t Know about the Red Labrador

Red Labrador

There are many different types of dogs in the world.  But one of the most majestic has to be the Red Labrador.  These dogs are simply one of the most brilliant looking off all the working dogs.  Many people over the years have sought these dogs over the rest, because of their beauty. Today we are going to learn five facts about these wonderful dogs that you might not know. So let’s take a look at these facts and see which ones you might already know about.

  1. The Red Labrador is not a separate breed and it is not recognized by the major kennel clubs. In fact these dogs are just a variation of the standard yellow color coat, but they do appear to have a red hue. This means that these dogs are not actually a rare breed after all.
  2. Many years ago these dogs would have been culled at birth. Thankfully this practice is not still being used by today’s breeders.  But in the past this color coat was considered unacceptable and no one wanted to purchase these dogs.  This was a very cruel practice that is now considered a barbaric one.
  3. A 1970’s British toilet paper TV ad helped boost the popularity of these dogs. The ad featured a Lab that had a coat with a red hue to it.  These ads were also shown around the world, making these dogs very famous.
  4. Some breeders over charge for these animals and claim that they are a rare breed. As we know these dogs are not a separate breed.  While their color coats can be rare, there is no reason to pay extreme prices for these animals.
  5. This dog’s color coat was once the most common type. Many years ago, when these dogs were produced their color coat was naturally darker.  But when a light colored animal was produced, they were considered to be exotic and highly sought after.  So this made breeders start to selectively breed lighter colored dogs and this made the darker ones a lower part of the overall population.

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