Five Things We Love About Puppyfind

Ideally there is a dog out there for everyone, and there is a home out there for every dog. NO dogs should left to suffer waiting for adoption its whole life. And no family should be sad, waiting for a dog or looking for the perfect dog, when it is already out there. That is why we love Puppyfind. Because it acts as a sort of middle man between the perfect homes and the perfect  dogs. Here are five things we love about Puppyfind.

Ease of Use

The website itself is very straight forward, with nothing to distract you. It is set up in such a way even your grandmother could use it to find the perfect dog out there for her. They keep it simple, and it works.

They Offer Tips

We all don’t just go into buying or adopting a dog because its fun. There is research to be done, and Puppyfind has already done some of that research for you. Check their tips section for some real useful info on breeds and how to best find and raise them.

They Find Dogs Homes

Come on? You have to know the main reason we love Puppyfind is because they give dogs a chance at a loving and happy life. Here at Puppytoob, that is all we want for all dogs. We hope you feel the same way.

They Find Families Dogs

This is the flip side of what was mentioned above. Yes, they find dogs homes, but this also means they find dogs for families. If you were raised in a house with dogs, you know just how essential and amazing dogs are for the true family experience. Puppyfind makes that happen.

They Have The Perfect Dog For Everyone

We cannot stress this enough. Puppyfind matches you up with the perfect dog you are looking for. From location to breed to size to age, no factor goes ignored or brushed over on that site. They really do what they set out to do, which is right in their title. They find puppies, and perfect puppies if you ask us.

So next time you know someone is considering buying a dog from a pet store, implore them to check out Puppyfind.

(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for AKC)

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