Five Twitter Accounts to Follow if you Love Dog Pictures

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We have to admit, we cannot seem to stop looking at tons and tons of adorable dog pictures. As a proud dog owner, while our dog will always reign superior – in looks as well as personality – to other canines out there, we can also appreciate the overall beauty of dogs. Thankfully, the Internet agrees with us and has our back for those days where we need a pick-me-up consisting of super-cute puppies and dogs galore.

Here are five Twitter accounts to follow if you love dog pictures:

1. Daily Puppy (@dailypuppy)

This account is a must for all dog lovers – it’s a puppy picture lover’s dream! It’s a feed of daily puppy and dog photos with the occasional informative article post.

2. Puppy Pics (@PuppyPicturez)

For those who just can’t get enough dog and puppy photos, this is the feed to follow for you! The account updates nearly every hour. However, a word of caution: you will want to turn off retweets because of retweet spam. It’s a price to pay for cute puppy photos.

3. Dogs Trust (@DogsTrust)

This is the account for a UK-based charity organization that protects and defends stray and abandoned dogs. It’s an account that has puppy and dog photos with a purpose.

4. Tails Pet Magazine (@tailsmagazines)

This account is to promote the Tails Pet Magazine website, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain some great content! Get your fill of dog photos as well as stories, news and a lot more.

5. K9 Magazine (@K9Magazine)

Based in the UK, this magazine is another great dog mag that is chock-full of great photos, news and articles about our beloved canines.

Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

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