Five Vet Terms Every Dog Owner Should Know

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As much as we don’t want to have to imagine something bad ever happening to our dogs, the reality is that this stuff does happen. It is actually far better to be well informed than to go into an emergency of some sort not knowing anything. It it with that in mind we decided to come up with a list of five vet terms every dog owner should know, just in case of a worst-case-scenario.


This one is simple and a term most people already know and are comfortable with. It simply means a growth of puss underneath the skin.


This is simply a word that means a measurement of the antibodies that in your dog’s blood. In other words, white and red cell counts to see if the dog is fighting an unseen infection.


Another simple one that most of us humans who maybe eat too fast can understand. But bloat can be an issue with dog’s, too. Unlike us, it can be more serious with dogs (and can affect their breathing) so be aware.


No, this does mean when your dog is excited and happy to be outside. When hyper is used in vet terms it is usually a prefix meaning “an excess or above and beyond”. Hypertension and Hyperthyroid are but two examples.


This is one word you may want to hear more than it’s cousin, malignant. Benign means mild illness or treatable (no, it does not mean harmless as most people have led you to believe). Whereas malignant means the opposite. Look at that, you just got a two for one.

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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