Five Ways to Build Confidence in Shy Dogs

Shy dog

Building confidence in shy dogs is a challenging task.  Shy pups often run away or hide whenever they see someone or something.  Many of these dogs had been abused in the past while some weren’t socialized at a young age.  Their lack of confidence makes it hard for their pet parents to even teach them basic training and simple tricks.  Many of these dogs had been abused in the past while some weren’t socialized at a young age.  Today we will talk about five ways to help build confidence in shy dogs.

  1. Train your shy pup. This is one of the important ways to build confidence in shy pups.  It is a long process and you will need some help from professional dog trainer to make sure that your dog will achieve its goal of building self-confidence.  Training is also a great way for shy dogs to learn practical skills.  Every time a dog learns something like the simple command of “come” it helps boost their confidence.
  2. A shy pup often hides from strangers and even from other dogs.  In order to help your pooch get out of his shell, try taking him to a dog park where he will be able to meet other dogs.  Whenever you take your shy dog to a park always remember to act normal because it will encourage your pup to be confident as well.
  3. Enroll your pup in an agility class. Look for dog agility class in your area and enroll your pooch.  This class is not only challenging canines but it will also build their confidence.  Once a dog learn about the obstacles, he will realize that new things are fun and not to be feared.  Also, it is a good class for shy dogs to be in because they will learn and play at the same time.
  4. Introduce new activities and fun adventures to your dog. Introducing new games for your dog to play with is fun. Plus, your pooch will also play and interact with other people while playing the new game.  You can also take your dog with you to places they haven’t been to like a coffee shop (preferably go through the drive-thru window) or a car wash.
  5. Let your dog spend some time away from you at a dog-friendly environment. Kids are not the only ones that can do sleepover because dogs can too.  Letting your dog stay for a night or day at a dog spa or pet sitters will help overcome his social anxiety.

Always remember to give your pooch a treat and praise his achievements every time he learns something new because it helps a lot in building his confidence back.

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