Five Ways to Show Your Dog That You Appreciate Them


Dogs are intelligent animals and they sure know how to make you happy and keep you company as well.  Although they are not able to talk, they do communicate to you through their body languages such as tail wagging, barking and licks (or kisses).  But sometimes your schedule gets hectic and you fail to spend some time with our four-legged-friends.  If you have been busy lately and felt that you have disappointed your pup/s, don’t worry because in this article we will discuss five ways to show a canine that you appreciate them.

Talk to them

Pets like dogs like it when their human parent talk to them.  We know it sound silly and it might even make you feel weird to talk to your pooch but you should know that they like to hear about your experiences too.  After all they are “man’s best friend” and it’s also a great way to show them that they are your buddies and not just a pet.

Play Time and Classes that will keep them active

When it comes to playing dogs love it.  Playing is a good way to keep canines active especially the adults.  It also builds their confidence.  You can also check out classes (like agility classes) in your area that you and your pup can enjoy doing together.


This is the easiest way to show your appreciation to your beloved pooch.  A few minutes of petting and cuddles can go a long way with your pup.  So make sure to get snuggly with them everyday.


Who doesn’t love tasty treats?  We don’t know about you but we sure do love delicious treats and we also know that dogs love treats.  But make sure that the treats you give to your beloved pup is healthy aside from being yummy.

Massage or Rub

Giving your pooch a massage or a simple belly rub is another good way to show them how much you care.  A massage is good for your pet’s health as well.  In fact, it helps lower an animal’s blood pressure and will also give you the chance to check for sores and bumps that may need to be checked by the vet.

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