Florida Makes it Legal to Break A Car Window to Rescue A Dog

dog in car

No matter how often you see it on the news and you hear about it from friends and family, people insist on leaving their dogs in the car. While I understand that sometimes it’s so much easier to get things done with your dog, I don’t get why people don’t just leave them at home if taking them in and out of the car is just so much work. I mean, really. I don’t love taking four kids in and out of the car when I run errands, so I’ll save those errands until my husband is home, leave them all here and go! The good news, though, is that it is now perfectly legal for people to break a window and rescue a dog that has been locked in a car in the State of Florida.

Since Florida is home for me, this hits close to home. It’s hot here, even when it’s not hot. I see so many animals locked in cars and I know they have to be miserable, and it’s good to know that they don’t have to suffer and die when they are so hot they cannot even breathe. However, we need to explain that there are a few basic rules of etiquette to follow before you go smashing car windows all over the place. The first thing you do is call 911 to report the dog locked in a vehicle. You may not more force than necessary to safely remove the dog from the car, and you are required by law to stay there with the animal until the law enforcement officers arrive.

The only question we still have is what happens if the owner of the vehicle comes back to the car prior to the law arriving? If someone can find that out and let us know, that would be amazing.

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