Former Cop and His Service Dog are Kicked Out of a Restaurant

Fanny Ann's

A restaurant in Sacramento, CA is now the center of a controversy after kicking a former cop and his service dog out of their establishment last Friday.  As reported by KCRA, a local news station, on Friday night Joe Rangle, a former police officer, along with his Pit bull service dog went to Fanny Ann’s Saloon to have dinner.   Soon after they got inside the restaurant, Rangel was asked to leave to premise because he wasn’t able to prove that his dog was a service animal.  The restaurant manager explained that he was just “worried about his patrons” because the dog was wearing a thick collar around his neck with the message, “Stay away” on it.

Joe Rangel is suffering from PTSD following a police shootout that happened in 2013.  Rangel told KCRA News that service dogs for PTSD sufferers are meant to help suppresses triggers that any abuse survivor, combat veteran and law enforcement vet might have.  He also hopes that Fanny Ann’s learned a lesson from the incident.

According to the Federal Law, businesses that are normally open to the public must allow service dogs but they can’t inquire about the person’s disability or demand Identification Card for the dog.

This is not the first time that a restaurant refused to admit service dogs in their establishment.  A disabled couple together with their two Maltese-Yorkie service dogs’ mixes went to a Florida restaurant but one of the restaurant’s employees called the authorities because he/she didn’t believe that the pooches were indeed service dogs.

It’s sad that some businesses’ doors are still closed for service dogs.  I reckon they need to be educated about the importance of service dogs to the people who needs their help.  Service dogs are trained animals to follow their owner’s command.  The “Stay Away” message on the pup’s collar means that the dog is on the job and need not to be disturbed.

In this case, I think Rangel’s service dog was discriminated because of his breed.  It’s a shame that up until now many people still think that Pit bulls are vicious dogs which isn’t true at all.  Pit bulls got a bad name because they were used in the underworld of dog fighting but it doesn’t mean that all Pit bulls are bad dogs.  Any breed of dogs can grow up to be vicious especially if their owner didn’t correct any bad habits when they were young.

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