Four Toys That Will Encourage Your Beagle To Stay Active

Many modern dog owners lead busy lives, with time-consuming jobs and various family obligations. As a result, many dogs end up either spending long hours alone in the house or not getting enough physical activity. While some dogs are lazier by nature and do not require as much exercise in order to stay healthy and happy, this fact does not apply, at all, to Beagles.

The Beagle is a medium-sized dog breed, similar in appearance to the less known foxhound. While in the past, Beagles were primarily used for hunting hare due to their great sense of smell and excellent tracking instincts, nowadays they have made the transition to one of the most popular household dogs in the world.

They are very intelligent, but single-minded, stubborn and rebellious, which is why many experts do not recommend beagles for first-time dog owners. However, if you have one, you have probably noticed that, as much as they like to stay active, sometimes they will need an extra push. That is why we have decided to gather a small list of toys that will help you with this endeavor. Here are four toys that will encourage your beagle to stay active.

Chew King Premium Treat Dog Toy

If you want to strike gold without too much of a fuss, then you are in luck, because the Chew King Premium is one of the best dog toys for beagles on the market. This toy, which is specifically designed for medium sized dogs, is built out of a durable rubber material that will maintain its original shape no matter how much your Beagle plays with it. Inside, you will find a special container that can be filled with your dog’s favorite treats.

As soon as you fill the container up with food, all you have to do is invent a fun little game to make things more interesting. You can either play hide and seek by having your dog track it throughout the house or simply initiate a game of fetch. You beagle will chew, bite, and throw it around, trying to get the maximum amount of treats out of it.

On top of all that, this toy is also good for teaching your dog healthy eating habits as his brain will make the association between hard work, good behavior, and food. Moreover, it contains a series of safety air vents, has a non-chemical smell and a durable construction. And at just $15, this toy is truly a steal.

Collar Puller Two Rings Active Toys

There is nothing a Beagle loves more than a good, intense session of tug of war, and this toy will deliver on these aspects in spades. The Collar Puller Two Rings is the ideal toy for tug of war due to its durable materials and sturdy structure.

On top of that, in spite of its sturdiness, it is lightweight enough to be used for an entertaining game of fetch. The rubber is highly resistant to chewing and biting and will keep its initial form long after it was first used. All in all, this toy is ideal both for dogs who need a little extra activity, and puppies who are teething.

TufToys Large Squeaky Dog Toy

If you want to pick up something special for your Beagle, this is the ideal choice. Built out of a non-toxic composite that is entirely Beagle-friendly, it is similar from a structural and chemical standpoint to rubber. It is very resistant and durable, even after multiple uses.

However, what sets this toy apart from the others is the fact that it is ideal for lake, pool or beach play because it floats. For an extra amount of enjoyment, the toy also has several squeakers inside which will keep your Beagle interested and engaged. The toy is not age dependent, so both adult and puppy Beagles can have fun with it in the same amounts.

PetSafe Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude Dog Toy

The PetSafe Busy Buddy Squirrel toy is one of the most durable and entertaining toys that you could get for your Beagle, for a multitude of reasons. First, the toy itself resembles a squirrel – remember about those hunting instincts we have mentioned earlier? – so, your Beagle will have an extra incentive to chase it around and, by extension, stay active at the same time.

Adding to the list of novel features is the fact that, due to the construction of the toy, it tends to bounce and move in unpredictable directions, which will surely make your Beagle go crazy with joy. Moreover, the toy is made out of a strong type of rubber, which makes it highly resistant to chewing.


Beagles, like most dog breeds, have a special knack for intense physical activity. But despite this, sometimes they need an extra dose of encouragement to stay active so you, as an owner, have to be a little creative. These four toys that we have highlighted in this article are excellent for this purpose because they are novel and well-designed enough to keep your Beagle sufficiently engaged and active. Have fun!

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