Four Ways to Use an Online Review to Choose the Right Food For Your Emotional Support Dog

Have you recently used the help provided by Certapet to obtain an emotional support dog? If so, now is the time to shift your focus to properly caring for your new animal. A vital part of keeping a dog healthy is providing them with the high-quality and nutrient dense food they need. Failing to provide your animal with the right food can lead to lots of health problems over time. With all of the different dog food options on the market, finding the right one can be a bit challenging. Using the information in an online review is a great way to narrow down the vast array of dog food options out there. The following are just some of the things to consider before selecting food to give to your emotional support dog.

1. Get to Know Your Emotional Support Dog Before Choosing the Right Food

According to recent statistics, nearly 35 million dogs in the United States are considered overweight. The most common contributing factor in this animal obesity epidemic is food with tons of filler ingredients in them. Before you can choose the right food for your emotional support dog, you need to get information like how old the animal is, what breed they are and what their reproductive status is. Most pet owners fail to realize that puppies and mothers who are lactating require a higher daily caloric intake. If your dog is highly active, they will also need more calories on a daily basis. Neglecting to consider these vital factors before selecting food for your emotional support dog will only lead to disaster in the long run.

2. Pay Attention to Buzz Words Mentioned in the Review

Often times, the online dog food reviews you find will have certain buzz words included in them. If the packaging on the dog food in question simply says “beef for dogs”, chances are it is chocked full of protein.

Other labels that feature the word dinner on them generally contain far less protein. Taking the time to read over the various labels on the dog food you are considering is important. By doing this, you can figure out just how many chemicals are in the food. Rushing through this research process may lead to you choosing the wrong food for your emotional support animal.

Is Grain-Free the Best Option For Your Dog?

Most dog owners who switch to a grain-free diet for their animal do so because of food allergies. If you suspect that your emotional support animal is struggling with this problem, scheduling a vet visit is probably a good idea. With a few simple tests, your vet can either confirm or deny your food allergy suspicions. Generally, grains are not bad for a dog unless they are struggling with these allergy issues.

If you notice that your dog is excessively licking their paws or vomiting regularly, you may be dealing with an allergy problem. The longer you wait to get this issue handled, the worse your dog’s health will ultimately get. With the information you get from your vet visit, you can get your emotional support animal the food they need.

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