A French Bulldog Pug Mix So Alert it Might Scare You!!

Pug mix

The world is in love with cute little hybrid dogs and that’s a fact.  It seems like every year there are new and different cross breeds, becoming available by dog breeders around the country.  But the dog you will see in the video below is not a new one to the hybrid world.  In fact the French Bulldog Pug Mix is one of the oldest and most popular of the designer dogs. As you will see, these dogs are very tiny and the one in the video is no exception.  While still very young; at only 8 weeks old, this pup is very alert.  This is one of many positive characteristics of this cross and these little canines make great watch dogs.  Anyone trying to sneak up on these animals will have a hard time doing so.

During the video, the pup seems to be very curious about his surroundings and walks around smelling things.  While these dogs have short noses, they seem to have a very good sense of smell.  This cute little guy seems to be finding out a lot about his environment, just by using his nose. Another thing that draws people into owning a dog like the one in the video is their temperament.  While these dogs tend to have a lot of spunk, they are really laid back around the home.  Known for being one of the best cross breeds for families, these dogs are really great with children.  They lack the aggression found in many smaller dogs and they even do well in homes that have cats.

The video is very short, but it gives you a good idea of what you can expect to find if you own one of these dogs.  Every dog is different, but these dogs all have some common traits that can be found throughout the hybrid mix.  The French Bulldog Pug Mix takes a few traits from each parent animal, making them a very well rounded canine.

So if you are thinking of owning one of these super cute and friendly dogs, you should check out the video below.

Image via YouTube.com

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