Frida The Chihuahua Mix Became Mayor of San Francisco


Since elections can often be a difficult decision when it comes to voting, one dog has decided to take over as mayor of San Francisco – for one day only, that is! Frida, a Chihuahua mix, became the mayor of the Northern California city, thanks to a well-spent $5,000 bid made by her owner Dean Clark at a gala for SF’s Animal Care and Control Department. There’s no doubt that on her platform, Frida called for more animal protection as well as very necessary, mandatory belly rubs!

Frida’s first (and only) day on the job included an agenda consisting of touring City Hall as well as other city landmarks. Then she attended a Board of Supervisors meeting where her human equivalent, Mayor Ed Lee, included her in his opening remarks and then Supervisor Scott Wiener read her a commendation of service. There was also a press conference held in her honor in front of City Hall where she was gifted with a going-away package that included play toys, her own doggy bed and a special gift basket, no doubt filled with doggy treats!

“It was all tongue-in-cheek today, but the work that Animal Care and Control does is very serious,” Mirian Saez, the acting director of Animal Care and Control Services said.

Saez explained that little Frida’s political stint was actually a great way to get the public to see what her department really does and they were able to showcase the work that they do. According to her, the department cares for about 10,000 animals each year and they have a live release rate of about 85% – which is quite impressive. Equally impressive is Frida, who was the perfect mayor for the day. She represented not only dogs in San Francisco but dogs everywhere who need a good home as well as the dogs without a voice. She is no socialite either – the canine’s story is a rags to riches one after she was found under a log in Nevada with her two puppies. They were then rescued, and since then, Frida’s life took a turn for the best.  With her experience and her history, there is definitely the makings of a canine politician!

(Photo Source: Patrick Kulp/Mashable)

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